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Authentic Springfield Tartan

Tie: $45

Long Scarf: $60

Candle (Field of Ireland Scent): $20

If you would like to purchase any of the items above, please contact the Tartan Committee at

Please include your name, desired products and quantities and phone number when ordering.


The story of Springfield is one that has been woven together through time by its people.

This tartan represents the strength of our city’s residents, their resilience, and their dedication to the betterment of future generations. 

This tartan is representative of all that is good in our community.  One of the best ways to recognize the goodness of a community is through its youth and that is why we looked to the educational institutes of Springfield for color inspiration. 

Being that our city boasts numerous elementary schools, high schools, and colleges, each with different color representation, we looked to find the colors that would add the most layers of complexity to our tartan’s story.

Five of the pure colors of the tartan: blue, yellow, white, red, and purple, were inspired by our city’s largest schools.  That said, however, this tartan is inclusive and the blended colors that are created and evident throughout the weave are representative of all the schools, past and present, that have stood in Springfield. 

The sixth pure color of our tartan recognizes the many shades of green associated with the land of Ireland.  And just as Ireland is honored as the land of scholars, we honor the unconquerable spirit of our city’s scholars by weaving together their colors to bind us, not only in spirit but in solidarity and celebration. 

It is our hope that all of Springfield will feel included and represented by a strand of this tartan. 

Please wear this tartan with pride and dignity and may you always wear it in good health.


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