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Official Springfield Tartan Represents Youth and Goodness of the Community

SPRINGFIELD, MA (March 5, 2022) – The Springfield Tartan was revealed to the public and christened on March 5, 2022 at the Thomas J. Sullivan Banquet Hall in Springfield, MA. This was the culmination of a two-year long project worked on by the Tartan Committee of the Springfield St. Patrick’s Parade Committee. The christening ceremony, complete with a toast of Dingle whiskey, was led by Monsignor David Joyce and honored Tartan godparents, Jim Sullivan of Springfield and Phil Hanrahan of Hampden. (View ceremony video here:

Unlike Scotland, in Ireland, most families do not have a tartan – people prefer to wear the tartans of their county or province. It was in this vein that the committee created the Springfield Tartan – to give the people of Springfield something that uniquely belongs to them and that they in turn belong to. This tartan is representative of all that is good in the city.

“One of the best ways to recognize the goodness of a community is through its youth and that is why we looked to the city’s numerous educational institutes as inspiration for our six pure colors. The first five of which are blue, yellow, white, red, and purple. These colors were inspired by the most prominent colors used by our city’s schools,” explained Kerri F. Sullivan, from the tartan committee. “We chose each color and color intersection carefully to add the most layers of complexity to our tartan’s story, so that the tartan’s weave is representative of all the schools, past and present, that have stood with the Springfield area.”

“Our sixth color is green to acknowledge the many shades of green associated with the land of Ireland,” added Siobhan Cullen, from the tartan committee. “And just as Ireland is honored as the land of scholars, we honor the unconquerable spirit of our city’s scholars by weaving together their colors to bind us, not only in spirit, but in solidarity and celebration.”

The tartan is registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans, the singular authority and keeper of tartans internationally. That registration guarantees that the tartan is unique and owned exclusively by the city of Springfield. The story of Springfield is one that has been woven together through time by its people. And, this tartan represents the strength of its people, resilience, and dedication to the betterment of future generations.

Tartan scarves ($60), ties ($45), and candles ($20) are available for purchase by emailing:


Springfield St. Patrick’s Parade Committee is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to promoting and celebrating Irish heritage in the Greater Springfield and surrounding areas. Founded in 1962 by a small group of Irishmen, to honor the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, and to improve, develop and foster the capabilities of all persons who are of Irish descent, to promote Irish heritage in the City of Springfield, culturally and socially to the best of our ability.

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